2011 Year end “best of” lists and charts all in one blog – I hope


Rather than inundate everyone with lots of blogs i thought i’d put it all into one list incase you are interested. We’d like to thank everyone who “play-listed” and “Fanned” us and of course raised shots of Tequila to the producers and on air hosts who played Pale Horse and Grampa Carl as well as other songs from our album “Matador Sunset

Here is a roundup of the year end Critics picks and charts for “Matador Sunset” This the year before the end, 2011 .

Thanks again and sorry if i missed anyone.


- Dave McEathron

No.192 on the Earshot Top.200 for 2011 and No.10 for Folk/Roots /Blues

Top 200


2011 Folk Roots Blues 


Matador Sunset was the lucky 13th most spun album on Galaxie’s Folk/Roots station.  Here is the Top 30- Galaxie’s Folk-Roots (Canada) channel broadcasts uninterrupted 24/7 and is available from virtually all digital cable providers throughout Canada (over 9 million homes).


1 — Fish & Bird — Every Whisper is a Shout Across the Void — Fiddle Head Records > 2 — Sarah MacDougall — The Greatest Ones Alive — Rabbit Heart Music > 3 — Norma MacDonald — Morning You Wake — Paperweight Music > 4 — Mae Moore — Folklore — Poetical License > 5 — Blackie and the Rodeo Kings — Kings and Queens — File Under Music > 6 — The Good Lovelies — Let the Rain Fall — Good Lovelies/Six Shooter > 7 — Katie Moore — Montebello — Purple Cat Records > 8 — The Deep Dark Woods — The Place I Left Behind — Six Shooter/Sugar Hill > 9 — Suzie Vinnick — Me ‘n’ Mabel — (independent) > 10 — BettySoo and Doug Cox — Lie to Me — Borderline Talent > 11 — Catherine MacLellan — Silhouette — True North > 12 — Steve Dawson — Nightshade — Black Hen Music > 13 — The Warped 45s — Matador Sunset — Pheromone Recordings > 14 — 100 Mile House — Hollow Ponds — Hole In My Shoe Productions > 15 — Ray Bonneville — Bad Man’s Blood — Red House > 16 — David Francey — Late Edition — Laker Music > 17 — Madison Violet — The Good in Goodbye — True North > 18 — Fearing & White — Fearing & White — Lowden Proud > 19 — Trisha Gagnon — A Story About You And Me — Jam ‘N Music > 20 — The Laws — Try Love — thelaws.ca > 21 — Ian Tamblyn — Walking the Bones — North Track Records > 22 — The Wailin’ Jennys — Bright Morning Stars — True North > 23 — Pharis & Jason Romero — A Passing Glimpse — Lula Records > 24 — Kim Stockwood — Back to the Water — TurtleMusic > 25 — Lynne Hanson — Once the Sun Goes Down — lynnehanson.com > 26 — Bruce Cockburn — Small Source Of Comfort — True North > 27 — Genticorum — Nagez Rameurs — Roues et Archets > 28 — Ken Whiteley — Another Day’s Journey — Borealis > 29 — Lynn Miles — Fall for Beauty — True North > 30 — The Once — Row upon Row of the People They Know — Borealis

We made Bruce Laperre’s top 10 List of Albums of the Year in The Winnipeg Free Press (Maybe we should move to Winnipeg).

Bruce Leperre: 1. Decemberists, The King is Dead 2. Ryan Adams, Ashes & Fire 3. Deep Dark Woods, The Place I Left Behind 4. Black Keys, El Camino 5. Needtobreathe, The Reckoning 6. Emmylou Harris, Hard Bargain 7. Warped 45s, Matador Sunset 8. Elliott Brood, Days Into Years 9. Miranda Lambert, Four The Record 10. Carmen Townsend, Waitin’ and Seein’

We were Toro Magazines No 2 album of the year


Thanks to Jeff Robson at UMFM in Winnipeg for naming Matador Sunset the Album of the Year and for the very nice explanation of why.

ALBUMS OF THE YEAR 1. The Warped 45s: Matador Sunset (Pheromone) *JR 2. Ron Hawkins: Straightjacket Love (self) 3. Matt Andersen: Coal Mining Blues (Busted Flat) 4. Middle Brother: Middle Brother (Partisan) 5. Steve Earle: I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive (New West) 6. Gurf Morlix: Blaze Foley’s 113th Wet Dream (Rootball)

Doug in Austin, Texas included Pale Horse on his best of 2011 broadcast KOOP Blogs – December 30/11 Playlist – Faves of 2011 :: KOOP www.koop.org/blogs/view.article.php?a8573 .

Thank You to Kerry Doole for the nod to Matador Sunset for Toronto Roots recording of the year. http://www.dailyxy.com/article/music-2011-the-best-of-toronto/

Thank You Stu Reid for naming Matador Sunset your #5 Album of the year in Winnipeg’s Uptown Magazine. Features – Uptown www.uptownmag.com

Thanks to Tim Perlich of The Perlich Post for including us in his list of the Top 100 albums of the year.


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Penguin Eggs – The Warped 45s: The Sun Also Rises


The new edition of “Penguin Eggs” – The folk, roots and world music magazine is now on newsstands. Deep Dark Woods are on the cover and there is a full page article on us by Jason Schneider.

The Sun Also Rises

Accompanied by glowing reviews, Matador Sunset, the latest recording from Warped 45s, offers a profound understanding of blue-collar consciousness that few Canadian songwriters currently match. Jason Schneider sits down with cousins Dave and Ryan McEathron.
It’s become a cliché that bands led by two gifted songwriters are like a marriage. But whether those relationships go on to thrive after the honeymoon (Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor) or abruptly end in bitter divorce (Uncle Tupelo’s Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar), there is never any doubt that such creative partnerships always add more to the music than if each party were working on their own.

Dave and Ryan McEathron of Toronto’s Warped 45s seemed predestined to work together—they’re first cousins—although each had been working on developing his own distinctive songwriting voice before first joining forces for a brief stint as an acoustic duo and then forming the band in late 2007 with keyboardist Kevin Hewitt, bassist Alex Needleman and drummer Hamal Finn Roye.

Once taking that plunge, they approached John Critchley, former front man of 13 Engines and now renowned producer for Elliott Brood and Dan Mangan, to make an EP. That soon led to a deal with Pheromone Records, run by one-time Warner Music Canada and Maple Music head Kim Cooke, and the release of the Warped 45s’ first full-length album, 10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan.

Upon first listen to that record, it was no surprise why so many significant CanRock names had thrown their support behind the band. 10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan remains one of the most accomplished Canadian roots rock debuts in recent memory, with its dynamic, wide-screen arrangements driving the McEathrons’ highly literate and richly detailed storytelling. These are elements over which critics commonly gush, yet the Warped 45s’ live show has also earned equal respect, as evidenced by the band winning the Fan’s Choice Award at the 2009 North By Northeast Festival in Toronto.

This spring saw the arrival of the Warped 45s’ sophomore album, Matador Sunset, again produced by Critchley, and accompanied by even more glowing reviews. “When we released our first record, the great reception really caught us off guard,” Ryan McEathron says. “The fact that Matador Sunset has been getting even more attention is really exciting. It is quite rewarding to have the support of so many music fans, radio hosts, journalists and concert promoters.”

Dave McEathron adds that although the heavy touring they embarked upon in the year following 10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan’s release did indeed help them road test a lot of new material, they are continually discovering new facets to their sound, especially now that the band is emerging from the club scene and onto bigger stages.

“I think we have grown as musicians and vocalists after playing a few hundred shows together,” Dave explains. “I feel like our sound is expanding but I guess I would attribute it to more experimentation in all kinds of settings, from stripped down house concerts to giant festival stages and everything in between. I think it helps with building the dynamics. It is hard to deny the power of standing on a big stage and creating this massive wall of sound, though. That can definitely be inspiring.”

When the subject turns to how their songwriting has evolved on Matador Sunset, Dave—who writes the lion’s share of material—says that there is a friendly competition between he and Ryan on some level, but it’s something that the cousins have never openly discussed. “It’s not a competition, but at the same time we’re doing this because we believe we have it within ourselves to write really good songs. I think you have to have that attitude when you form a band, or else what’s the point, you know?”

Dave continues, “I also work really hard to do whatever I can to make Ryan’s songs better through instrumentation or harmonies. I think he’s a great songwriter, whether we’re in the same family or not. I wouldn’t be in a band with him if that wasn’t the case.”

To illustrate that, Dave notes that one of his favourite moments on Matador Sunset is Ryan’s track Grampa Carl, based on the exploits of one of their real-life ancestors. “I used stories I was told growing up to put that song together,” Ryan explains. “The rumour goes that Carl was caught with a large shipment of contraband while crossing the Detroit River from Ontario into Michigan during Prohibition. In order to get rid of the evidence, Carl set his boat ablaze and jumped into the icy water.”

Dave has no reason to sell his own songs short, though. As he did on 10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan, he displays skills at plumbing the depths of the blue-collar experience that few other Canadian songwriters at this moment can match. The track of which he is particularly proud is Pale Horse, the tale of someone haunted by nightmare visions, even when he is in beautiful surroundings. “I wish I could say it wasn’t autobiographical,” he says. “It came out of a rough time right after I had been working in the industrial paint shop of a bus factory. I believe I may have been a little too attached to the paint thinner.”

Two more humble guys than the McEathrons probably don’t exist in the Canadian music scene, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t set the highest possible standard for their work. It’s another clear sign that Canadian songwriting traditions are in good hands with a new generation of artists, and the Warped 45s are quickly forging their own strong link in that chain.

“I always try to measure myself against the giants in songwriting that we all love,” Dave says. “Am I ever going to get there? I don’t know, but that’s what I’ve always wanted to be. So I try to read, write, and just generally live my life in a way that will allow me to express myself in the most honest way there is. I’m not trying to copy anyone, and I don’t think Ryan is either. We’re both just striving to get as close as we can to that place where your work represents who you are as accurately as possible.”

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Americana UK: The Warped 45s – Matador Sunset


Listening to the fiddles, banjo, mandolin and lap steel on ‘Matador Sunset’s opening track ‘Pale Horse’, you are firmly in country territory whilst the electric guitars on the tale of rum runner ‘Grampa’ Carl’ has a Crazy Horse sound…’Matador Sunset’ is one of those albums that the more you listen to, the more you like. – John Hawes

Special thank you to John Hawes and Americana UK for the kind review.  To read the entire review you can visit Americana UK’s page

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EXCLAIM! – The Warped 45s Cancel East Coast Dates Due to Van Trouble

By Gregory Adams

Toronto-based roots rockers the Warped 45s have been travelling all over Canada since the release of their sophomore set Matador Sunset last May. But if you were hoping to catch the troupe on the East Coast this summer, we’re afraid you’re out of luck. The band have been forced to cancel a handful of dates due to van problems.

A press release explains that while the band managed to travel out to the West Coast and back on an earlier leg of the tour, all of the troupe’s dates on the other side of Ontario have been scrubbed following a breakdown on the way to Montreal.

The statement says that their “normally trusty van completely broke down on the highway about an hour away from their very first show, scheduled on Tuesday August 2 in Montreal. Unbelievably, the part needed to get the van running is not available anywhere in Canada.”

Regretfully, the band could find neither the auto part, nor a new vehicle in time to make the dates work. As can be expected, they’re pretty bummed about the whole situation.

“Thanks to everyone for the support and understanding,” they wrote in a joint statement. “We also want to thank everyone who tried to help us find a vehicular solution. We were very excited about this tour and are upset to be missing this chance to play some of our favorite places and share our new album Matador Sunset with our East Coast fans and friends.”

As of yet, none of the dates have been rescheduled.




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We’re # 2!!!!


Woohoo! It just keeps getting better…We’ve made CBC Radio 3′s R3-30 Weekly chart again!

Pale Horse is top shelf where they keep the peanut butter. For the seventh straight week Pale Horse has risen on the CBC Radio 3 R3-30 singles chart and is now at #2 in the country folks!!!!!!
To check out “Pale Horse” and to help us climb to the number 1 spot  CLICK HERE

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TORO Magazine – The Warped 45s Garage Band

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to hang out with the awesome staff at TORO Magazine in Toronto at their HQ. While we were there, we had the chance to sit down for an intimate interview and record “Pale Horse” live in studio.

We would like to thank Tony Felgueiras and the TORO Magazine crew for a great time and the awesome video of our performance.

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VUEWeekly – The Warped 45s Born to run: life on the road has coloured the Warped 45s latest

While Vancouver’s downtown core began its disintegration into riotous miscellany following the city’s Stanley Cup loss last weekend, alt-country upstart the Warped 45s was setting up to play a gig in the city’s downtown Railway Club.

Though, like most in the city, the band had been watching the game, bassist Alex Needleman had gone out to dinner with a friend, guitarist/co-bandleader Ryan Wayne McEathron recalls. He found returning downtown impossible—the police had cut it off, and the rest of the band weren’t allowed to leave the bar, nor were the patrons. They weren’t allowed to play, lest they attract the unruly outside mass. Instead, they watched the damage as it unfolded across the city.

To read the full story, Click HERE

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UPTOWN – Off into the Matador Sunset: The Warped 45s survive the Stanley Cup riots, continue touring in support of their excellent second album

When I connect with Dave McEathron of acclaimed Toronto alt-rock act The Warped 45s, he seems a little shaken up.

You see, the band had a gig at the Railway Club in Vancouver the night before — which just so happened to be the evening of the now-infamous Stanley Cup riot.

“I’m still a bit shell shocked by what happened last night,” the singer/songwriter admits over the phone from Vancouver.

“We ended up playing because they didn’t want to let people out — but our bass player had stepped out to get food and wasn’t allowed back in,” he continues. “At that point, it was a free-for-all. But it was nice to do something besides look out the window. We were finally let out at 3 a.m. Luckily, we didn’t park the van there; every vehicle we passed was burned.


To read the full story and review, Click HERE

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