Warped 45s Documentary: With The Songs Of My Friends [UPDATE : new video is up!!]

Last year during our first west coast tour of Canada, we were lucky enough to invite our good friend Brent Orr to capture the trip. Brent is a seasoned TV/film editor who was excited at the opportunity to create a documentary using our west coast tour as the backdrop.

Well after months of capturing footage and editing his masterpiece, the documentary is just about finished….and it kicks ass too!! It’s funny and honest and will definitely let you know who we are and what we are all about! We are hoping to unveil it soon so check back regularly for updates!

In the meantime here’s a excerpt from the documentary. We performed “Trestle For a Train” in Canmore, Alberta Canada on an old bridge overlooking the amazing mountain backdrop (snow blocked the mountain view during filming….stupid snow!!!).

It was a lot of fun to shoot and we met a LOT of interesting characters while we were there playing…and boy did it get COLD and snowy that day!!


UPDATE: We were finally able to upload the finished documentary to YouTube so here it is for your viewing pleasure “With The Song of My Friends” by Brent Orr featuring The Warped 45s.

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