The warped 45s: Diary from the road

Hey everyone, Hamal here from the W45s. I’m writing the first log of our tour on my Blackberry as we are traveling to Edmonton, after a fun night in Saskatoon.

Last night we played a show at Caffe Sola, which was an intimate venue. We stripped down to the basics for this (keyboard, acoustic guitars, snare and bass) and had more of a acoustic jam.

The people that came out for the show were really friendly and great company. Instead of having a show where we felt like we were playing to an audience,and they were taking in a W45 experience, it felt more like they were apart of the show. Tons of great interaction, and good times for sure.

This show was our first early show of the tour, so after we packed up the van and headed back to the hotel, we had some free time on our hands. Most of the guys took this opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep (we’ve been averaging maybe only 4hrs a day).

Ryan and myself went to Amigos to catch up and coming indie band Ohbijou’s show. We were joined by Blair (a good friend of mine who’s teaching in SK) and Rich (sound guy/promoter). Ohbijou put on a great show and their music is fantastic! Go check them out if you ever get the chance!

While on tour we’ve had the opportunity to capture most of our experience on film thanks to Brent, who has joined us on tour and brought all his film gear. He’s working on a documentary on us and this tour. I can’t wait to see the finished product when everything is all said and done. There has definitely been some memorable moments.

So far things are going great…We are getting tighter as a band, the audience turnout and reception has been better than we imagined, and we get to see parts of this beautiful country we normally wouldn’t get a chance to see. I only need one word to describe the experience…PERFECT!

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2 Responses to The warped 45s: Diary from the road

  1. Dan Wilson says:

    Not only is it good to hear the shows are going well, but it’s great to know that you all survived Ryan driving…just a suggestion don’t let Napster..I mean Hamal…drive, you never know when he might decide to nap.

    Play Loud, Play Well and Play Hard.

  2. Andy King says:

    just make sure you leave my daughter in the same shape you find her